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Why hire an elopement videographer?

#1) Photos can't document audio.

Speaking as someone who has first hand experience- your ceremony will go by SO fast and you might not even remember what was said. Even though we eloped with no guests, just us two, I had so much adrenaline that I kinda felt like I blacked out! I truly don't know if I'd remember our vows if we didn't have the audio from them in our elopement video.

If you're planning to have guests, and maybe have someone important to you officiate the ceremony or give readings, toasts, etc. this is another opportunity to capture audio of special moments that would be missed with only photos.

It could also include other audio that photos simply can't capture. The reactions during your first look, the ambient audio of the birds chirping, wind blowing, waterfall flowing, etc.

When you get an elopement video, the audio from your wedding will be recorded and interlaced through your film so you can fully relive your day. It gives you an entirely second sense to help you be transported back to that feeling.

#2) Share with those who weren't there.

Your elopement may be something only you are there to witness. Photos do a great job at capturing a moment in time but telling the story of your day in it's entirety is much easier for people who were not there to experience via video.

Video captures the range of emotions experienced, differently than photo. Rewatching your elopement film will bring back aaalll of the emotions of your day. Again, we're speaking from experience here, as people who eloped in the mountains of Italy, just us two!

If you're having a bigger "reception" in your hometown after your elopement, you may also want to play the video for your guests to watch.

#3) Life is short.

Not to get too morbid.. but life is short.

I know that personally, I will never regret spending the extra money on video, because I know the memories they captured are invaluable.

Having these videos to look back on will forever be more important than any dollar figure, and they will only gain value over time.

the benefits of an

elopement photographer and videographer team

Hiring one team that does elopement photography and videography can be a huge benefit over two separate companies. When you hire us as your photo video team you'll get:

- One cohesive style across your photos and videos.

- A team who works together all of the time (& works great together).

- Less work on your end, you won't have to coordinate between two different teams.

- You'll get a better deal than hiring two separate companies of the same quality.

- More of a "double-date" vibe than a production!

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Colorado Elopement Videographer

winter elopement in rmnp


A winter elopement in Rocky Mountain National Park. A snowy ceremony at Sprague Lake, a hike to Dream Lake and their first dance on a frozen alpine lake!

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Super 8 Wedding Videographer

mountain engagement FILM


This is an engagement session video filmed near Boulder, Colorado. This is a Super 8 Style mini film we offer as an add on to engagement sessions and elopement!

Click the link below to view the photo gallery as well!


Yosemite Wedding Videographer

Yosemite National Park micro wedding


This is a film of a micro wedding in Yosemite National Park in California. We did both photo & video for this wedding.

Click the link below to view the photo gallery as well!


Colorado Elopement Videographers

We're Sav & Greg, an elopement videographer and photographer team based out of Colorado. Whether you're looking for just an elopement videographer or photography as well, we'd love to chat about how we can document your day!


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