Upstairs Atlanta Wedding Reception

September 2, 2019

Upstairs Atlanta Wedding Reception

There’s so many reasons why we love photographing Upstairs Atlanta wedding receptions. Upstairs Atlanta has white brick walls in the interior which creates gorgeous lighting for your ceremony or reception! Plus, it’s right in the city making it easy for your out of town guests to get to. Another great feature of the wedding venue being in the city – skyline photos!

The Wedding Day

Sarah and Cody had their ceremony at Sardis United Methodist Church before heading to Upstairs Atlanta for their wedding reception. When we got to Upstairs Atlanta’s venue, we had to take the couple and the bridal party for some photos in front of the Atlanta skyline. Then, it was time to party!

The Upstairs Atlanta Wedding Reception started with heartwarming toasts followed by some awesome Tacos from Tex’s Tacos truck. There was tons of drinks and dancing all night until the Upstairs Atlanta Wedding came to an end with an epic sendoff in front of the venue.

The Couple

“Believe it or not, we met at a frat party at the beginning of our sophomore year at the University of Kentucky. We both had previous relationships, and came back not looking for anything. It was definitely love at first sight. I approached Cody, who’s fraternity mine was frequently paired with our freshman year and said “I’ve never seen you here before.” It was honestly crazy our paths had never crossed the previous year. A week later we went on his fraternity formal to Pensacola and that gave us the whole weekend to get to know each other. We knew we were going to be together when we both chose to leave Lexington and move to Atlanta together. 5 years after meeting, and a beach proposal later, we now have our own townhome in midtown, Cody is just a few months away from finishing his law degree, and I’m working as regional manager for an engineering firm.” – Sarah

We hope you enjoy their photos from their Upstairs Atlanta Wedding Reception!

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