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As Georgia elopement photographers, we'll guide you through how to elope in Georgia including the best locations, how much it costs, elopement packages in Georgia and more. Read below if you're thinking about eloping in Georgia!

What does elope mean?

An elopement is a wedding planned in an intentional way, putting all the focus on what is important to the couple and not including traditions or events that they don't value.

Some couples decide that they want to experience their elopement just the two of them and don’t invite any guests- while others decide to invite a small guest count (usually less than 25) to have an intimate wedding. The old idea of running away with your significant other and secretly getting married isn't the only way to elope these days!

Best Places to Elope in Georgia

Whether it's the rushing waterfalls, rolling mountains or unique beaches that call you, Georgia has something for everyone. Below is a list of some of the most popular locations to elope in Georgia.

Helping our couples find the perfect location is a big part of what we do as Georgia elopement photographers. We provide our clients with custom location suggestions based on their preferences of scenery, accessibility, guest count and other details to make the process of choosing where to elope easy! We keep our favorite spots secret exclusively for our clients to keep the privacy of the locations, for an intimate experience.

Here's a list of THE MOST POPULAR LOCATIONS to elope in Georgia:


Cloudland Canyon offers a perfect mix of mountains and waterfalls for your Georgia elopement. At Cloudland Canyon you'll start at the top of the canyon with beautiful views of the mountains and have the opportunity to hike down to see multiple waterfalls.

Permits and Cost: Reservation required, $5/Vehicle

Hike/Accessibility: UP TO 2 Miles Roundtrip, Moderate

Guest Count: 0 - 20

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Arabia Mountain is the perfect place to elope in Georgia if you're looking for an accessible location with mountain views just a short drive from the city.

Permits and Cost: none

Hike/Accessibility: up to 2 Miles Roundtrip, Moderate

Guest Count: 0-25

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Georgia coastline

There are various locations along the coast such as Savannah, St. Simons Island, Jekyll Island and Tybee Island that are perfect for elopements!

Permits and Cost: varies by location

Hike/Accessibility: very accessible

Guest Count: varies by location

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If you want to elope in Georgia while looking like you're somewhere completely different, Providence Canyon is your spot! This is often called the "Little Grand Canyon" of Georgia.

Permits and Cost: Reservation required

Hike/Accessibility: 2 Miles Roundtrip, Moderate

Guest Count: 0 - 75

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Oakland cemetery

Oakland Cemetery is a unique location to elope in Atlanta if you don't mind the tombstones! There's beautiful foliage here for spring elopements.

Permits and Cost: Reservation required

Hike: none

Guest Count: 0 - 30

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Piedmont park is a classic Atlanta location for elopements and weddings. You can have your ceremony on Lake Clara Meer at Dockside and they even have a reception space within the park called Greystone.

Permits and Cost: Reservation required

Hike: NONE

Guest Count: 0 - 75

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we'll show you the best locations

You won't find the best locations online. You need a Georgia elopement photographer who has spent time exploring the state and scouting these locations in person.

Schedule a free consultation to talk further about your elopement!


The Process

How to Elope in Georgia




free consultation



Contact me to schedule your free discovery call! We'll get to know each other and learn about your vision for your elopement. You'll choose an available date and we'll discuss location options.

Once you're booked, I'll provide you with vendor recommendations and a custom timeline. I provide a planning guide and resources to keep you on track throughout the process, and be there to help along the way.

You two will get married and have the best day ever, and I'll be by your side capturing each moment as it unfolds. You'll receive sneak peek photos within 1 week, and your full gallery of beautiful images within 2-3 months.


Georgia Elopement Packages

Photo Coverage, Location Guidance & TImeline

In addition to photography coverage..

You'll receive photo coverage, location guidance to help choose where you'd like to elope, as well as a custom timeline crafted around your day.

Posing & Guidance

During the day I'll help you out with posing guidance and direction for candid and beautiful photos- no experience necessary from you!


After the elopement you'll receive a preview within a week and your full online gallery of edited images within 2-3 months. Connected to an online store for seamless printing.


The best time to elope in Georgia

When to elope in Georgia

Spring and fall are the best times to elope in Georgia due to the mild weather and beautiful scenery. Spring offers lots of flowers and fresh blooms, while autumn provides fall foliage for stunning backdrops. Summers are long, hot and very humid while winters are cold and short with snow being very rare.

How to choose when to elope

When you are deciding what time of year to elope, you should consider:

1) What type of weather are you hoping for? Do you prefer the warm or cold?

2) What type of landscapes/scenery are you hoping for?

3) What type of activities do you want to do on your day?

Weekdays VS Weekends

When planning your elopement you should choose a weekday to provide you with the most intimate experience, avoiding crowds of tourists that are more prevalent on weekends. Another benefit of a weekday elopement is that more vendors will be available and some even offer special pricing. Lastly, if you end up choosing a location that requires a reservation it will be much easier to secure a reservation for a weekday.

Sunrise VS SunSet

The best lighting for photography occurs in the morning around sunrise and in the evenings around sunset, when the sun is low providing a golden glow. We recommend avoiding shooting mid-day when the sun is directly overhead, as this isn't as flattering for portraits.

Sunrise offers the best chance to have the location to yourselves, while sunset doesn't require such an early wake up. Some locations will look better in the morning while others will look better in the evening. Your photographer will provide guidance for you on which is best!

How do you elope in Georgia?

To elope in Georgia you must get your marriage license and then have an officiant legally marry you. All you need is your ID and money for the license (varies by county, but an average of $56 in Georgia).

Your Georgia Marriage License

Where to get your marriage license

If one or both of you are residents of Georgia, you can apply for a marriage license in any county Probate Court in Georgia. However, if neither of you are Georgia residents you will have to obtain your license in the same county where the ceremony will be performed.

Get your marriage license as soon as possible

Since there's no expiration date, you can get your marriage license as far in advance of the elopement as you'd like. We'd recommend doing this as soon as possible to check it off the list. We don’t recommend doing this on your elopement day due to varying wait times at the courts. Remember, getting your marriage license gives you permission to legally get married, but doesn't mean you are married until we complete the form after the ceremony!

GET AN officiant or use our services

We are ordained and can legally marry you if you'd like! This is a complimentary service we offer to our elopement couples. This means we will sign and file your marriage license for you after you say your vows to each other. You can also have a friend or family member get ordained online and they can marry you!

How much does it cost to elope in Georgia?

Compared to traditional weddings, it's much more affordable to elope! While the average cost for weddings is around $30,000, most couples spend around $15,000 to elope in Georgia.

This is because eloping typically requires less vendors, For example, most of our eloping couples don't hire a planner since we offer timeline creation, vendor recommendations, location scouting and a full elopement guide. Venues are also generally more affordable, especially if you use a State or National Park, they're usually less than $500.

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