Dream Lake Engagement Photos

Your ultimate guide to dream lake engagement photos including the cost, permits, information on the hike and more. As Colorado engagement photographers, we're here to help you get the most beautiful engagement photos at Dream Lake!

Dream Lake Engagement Photos

Cost & Permit

how to have your engagement session at dream lake in colorado

The cost to take engagement photos at Dream Lake is only $50. You have to obtain a permit from Rocky Mountain National Park to do a professional photo shoot within the park. However, if you book your engagement session with us, we cover this cost as we have an annual permit.

When To Visit Dream Lake

best time to go to dream lake for engagement session

The best time of year for a Dream Lake engagement session is summer and fall. The months of July, August and September will give you the best chance of mild weather without being too cold and possibly having to hike in the snow. However, winter at Dream Lake can be really beautiful and less crowded.

Sunrise VS Sunset

Should you have your session in the morning or evening?

The best light happens in the morning right before sunrise and in the evening before sunset. Both have their pros and cons at this location. Sunrise will typically be less busy and crowded, but you will have to hike in the dark to get there and it will be much colder. We personally prefer sunset at this location as the sun goes down behind the mountains and creates beautiful light. Don't forget a headlamp for the hike back!

The Hike

How long is the hike to dream lake?

The hike to Dream Lake starts at the Bear Lake Trailhead in Rocky Mountain National Park. From there, it's about a 2 mile hike roundtrip (1 mile to the lake and 1 mile back). You'll also pass the stunning Emerald Lake on the way, which is another location that is perfect for your Colorado engagement photos.

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