The Reception

The party is here! Receptions are a blast! However, it’s important to make sure that you have your event well thought out. This is the job of your coordinator and your DJ/Band. Your caterer will also play a big role in the design and set up of your event. Every aspect of your reception affects the overall outline of the evening. For example, if you’re not having a plated meal, your reception will need to be set up in a way that allows movement. Guests will need to be able to find the food stations easily, and there will be a mixture of dinner tables and hightop cocktail tables. This will encourage guests to mix and mingle. If you are having a plated dinner, you will more than likely need escort cards, full place settings and space for all of your guests to be seated comfortably. Whatever the style of your event, make sure that you plan out all of the aspects of the evening. Your coordinator and DJ can help you set up the evening so that guests won’t leave early or experience long periods of waiting between events.

Make it your own

If you want to have a special dance with your grandparents, do it! Make your reception a reflection of who you are and don’t feel tied to any traditions. Also, keep in mind that you have the ability to give your DJ or Band a “Do Not Play” list if there are any songs you really don’t want to hear during your reception

Keep it moving!

Chat with your coordinator about how you can plan your reception in a way that will keep the events flowing from one to another. This will keep the guests engaged and moving all night!

Reception Coverage

If you haven’t purchased enough coverage time for your photography to last through the entire reception don't fret! We can do a staged send-off!

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