Keep in Mind

This day is about you coming together as one. With that said, you both should be in almost every photo together. We highly recommend against doing shots together and separate, such as the couple with the brides family and then the bride separate with her family. We understand if you'd like one photo of just you and your parents, but duplicating shots without your new life partner in them doesn't make a lot of sense on your wedding day and takes up a lot of unnecessary time. We recommend each of your combinations starting with "couple with.." not just "bride with.." or "groom with..".

We also recommend only including immediate family or very important people in these shots. We know you love your aunts, uncles and cousins- but having this many people being photographed can take quite a while and you will get tired of smiling, fast!

Bridal Party

After your family formals we’ll move onto the bridal party! Below is our suggested list for bridal party photos. Customize this to your liking!

-Entire bridal party

-Bride with bridesmaids

-Bride with maid of honor

-Groom with groomsmen

-Groom with best man

Your Role

You have a pivotal role in the success of the family formals. Prior to the wedding, please assign one of your family members to notify everyone that you want to be part of the family formals to be there after the first look; or if you are not doing a first look, to stay around after the ceremony and not run off to the cocktail hour. We completely understand the draw to the next event, but for family formals to run smoothly and allow everyone to get to the cocktail hour expediently, we need all required family members present as soon as possible. This is absolutely critical to maintaining your timeline as one stray dad can hold up shooting one of your entire families.