Engagement Gallery


We'll add our editing style to your photos in terms of lighting and colors, however we don't do extensive photoshopping. As stated in our agreement, we only do basic post processing- removing items from images, thinning or other extensive photoshop is not included. These things are not easy fixes and require a LOT of time. If you do have a request that we have the capabilities to do we will invoice an additional editing fee and get it done for you! Please note, we don't deliver unedited images as they aren't a finished product and don’t properly represent our work.


You’ll notice you have two options when downloading – high resolution and web sized. High resolution images are great for printing, while the web sized images are recommended for sharing online! Please, whatever you do, do NOT screenshot the images. You paid a lot of money for good photography, screen-shotting absolutely butchers the quality of the photo.

Please download your entire gallery and keep it in MULTIPLE safe places. We are not responsible for keeping these photos for you past the 30 day mark, due to the simple fact that we shoot a large volume of sessions and aren’t able to keep every photo. Your gallery will expire within 30 days, you’ll need to have the images downloaded and prints ordered prior to this time. Don’t worry, we’ll send you reminders!




We don't believe it's necessary to watermark our photos, all we ask is that you credit us in some way whenever posting on social media. Please do not alter the images in any way, this means no filters. We work very hard on perfecting each individual photo, putting a filter on top of it is an inaccurate representation of our work. However, if there's an adjustment you need, just let us now and we'd be happy to perfect it!


Your online gallery is directly connected to our professional lab so you, your family and friends can easily purchase prints, canvases and more and have them shipped directly to you. Our lab is extremely fast, most orders ship out the very next day and are on your doorstep in two. We also have programs that allow you to send us a photo of your wall so you'll be able to see what your prints look like in your home before purchasing! View more print options in the link to the right! ->

Favorite Lists

Use our pre-made lists to organize your images or create your own! To do this, you’ll simply favorite the image and choose which list to add it to.

You can use the “Mobile Gallery” list to choose up to 200 images for us to create a custom app for your phone! You’ll be able to view, download and share images directly from the app. This is an awesome way to show your friends and family when you’re out and about as well as downloading individual images for social media!

Use the “Photo Book” list to add your favorite images that you’d like us to use in the design of your photo book! We suggest around 2-6 images per spread – starting with about 25-50 images is ideal.

Use the “Prints” list to organize which images you’ll want to have individually printed. You’ll be able to purchase prints, canvases and more directly through the gallery- or leave notes on individual photos that you’d like us to frame for you!